Projects / Clients in New Zealand

Overall Project Management pro clima HUB - Centre for Advanced Building Systems

Overall Project Management to develop and realise the pro clima HUB
- a seminar / event centre for innovative building systems
- a platform for professional education, training and knowledge transfer
- a meeting point for developers, researchers, builders, politicians, installation companies, building officials, planners and investors.
pro clima HUB works together closely with its partners to support overall improvement in construction quality for healthy, energy-efficient and long-lasting buildings in New Zealand.

Event Management of Paradigm Shift for Productspec

An event series with exhibition and international key note presentation for architects and designers to learn about the latest products and technology from industry leading event partners hosted in five cities in New Zealand.

Organisational Development for VizExplorer

Project Management of various internal projects in an IT environment to improve organisational processes and business.

Event Organisation of Expert Tour for Pro Clima

An event series for architects and building experts to discover the mega trends and expectations of clients including saving energy, health and comfort.

Project Controlling and Management of Wellington's Birthday Celebrations for The Whiteboard

A public event hosted by the City Council honouring Wellington being the capital city for 150 years (Open House city tour with 35 sites, a big birthday party on parliaments grounds, souvenir programme etc.).